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Unparalleled Training

The United Association has an unprecedented reputation for training. For more than a century, the UA has been training the most highly qualified workers in the piping industry throughout the United States and Canada.

The UA and its locals spend over $600 million annually on their training programs. This involves about 100,000 journeymen and apprentices in over 300 local training facilities. Joint labor-management training facilities are valued at a half billion dollars in equipment and real estate.

The local unions of the Florida Pipe Trades Council are committed to training as the top priority for all our members. Our training programs have produced a stable, skilled workforce responsible for building and maintaining piping systems in the various industrial and residential facilities throughout the state of Florida.

There are 14 different UA training sites in the state of Florida: one located at each of ten local unions and four throughout the state for Local 821 (a statewide local). Collectively, the 10 UA locals spend over $4 million per year on training in Florida.