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Unlimited Opportunities

Maybe you are trying to decide whether or not to join a union. Or you arenít sure if the UA is the right union for you.

The United Association represents workers who may be Building Trades Craftsmen, journeymen or apprentices, tradesmen, helpers, trainees or any other work classification used in the plumbing and pipefitting industry. The UA also represents utility and production workers, maintenance and/or service personnel, marine pipefitters, production workers, engineers, technicians and/or any other worker classification that fits into work that could fall under UA jurisdiction.

Local union officers, elected by local union members, have a working knowledge of the conditions and demands of the trade. They can speak with authority on the problems and challenges that the workers face daily on the jobsite.

If you are employed in the plumbing, pipefitting, sprinklerfitting, air conditioning, and refrigeration trade or on any other type of work allied to or connected in any manner with the plumbing and pipefitting industry then the United Association is the union for you.

Remember: the voices of many are louder than the voice of an individual. The United Association speaks for its members, working to achieve job security, health and welfare benefits, a living wage, a safe working environment, and a comfortable pension.  When you join a union, you are joining a democracy. Each member has the opportunity to voice his concerns and suggestions, working for a better life for all.

For more information about becoming a member of the United Association, contact the UA local union in your city or region.